Sharing HEIC images with non-Apple users

The new HEIC format for images in iOS is generally not an issue for me, as I’m all in on the Apple eco system, as is my wife. However, yesterday I had shared a bunch of photos in the HEIC format to a person who had issues getting them to import to her PowerPoint presentation.

I did create a simple two-step share-sheet Shortcut to convert to JPG and then store to Camera Roll, which was surprisingly quick. Of course, the refuses to tell me which of the two sets of identical photos are in which format :frowning: Guessing it will be the most recent ones, of course, but this can get messy real quick if I need to do this with a large set of photos.

How do you manage sharing of photos to your friends that use different systems and how do you ensure you are deleting the right set of duplicates? (Wanting to keep the HEICs and delete the JPGs after sharing is complete.)

I use this Shortcut:

It’s not fancy, it just converts them, zips them, and then lets me share them - but it avoids duplicates in my camera roll!