Shelf App and Dock

I am testing out how I feel in putting my dock on the left side of the screen (external monitor). I also use Yoink for my shelf app, and that usually takes my left side, but it’s been glitchy lately with me.

Does anyone have a different setup utilizing dock and shelf app?
Is there another shelf app you recommend that would work on all devices (Mac, iPad, iPhone)


I always have the dock on a laptop / external monitor on the left side of the screen. I prefer more space from top to bottom of the screen over more space from left to right – thus the left-side placement. Another reason for the left edge is that I’m frequently looking into the Apple menu there for Recents, etc., and so having the apps and folders that live the dock right below the Apple icon seems comfortable.

I use Yoink mainly, and it is positioned on the right edge of the screen but only appears when I clip to it, or drag to that edge of the screen. Otherwise it is hidden.


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Gladys is a great shelf app.

I have my auto-hiding dock on the left, and have Yoink appear at the spot I grab something (whereupon it glides to the right-center side of the screen).