Short Apple TV question

I think I know the answer to this (yes?) but I thought I’d check first. I have had 1 Apple TV. I’m replacing it and ordered 3 additional new Apple TVs. We also just switched from AT&T Uverse to AT&T TV. Unfortunately, my wife lost access to a few older shows that she enjoys. My best option is to purchase the shows from Apple and download to the Apple TV. Our anniversary is coming up so I thought I’d purchase the seasons of several shows for her.

Question: If I purchase the shows and download them to my current Apple TV, will those shows be accessible via other Apple TVs?

She watches them in the kitchen when cooking and paying bills. I’ll be downloading them to the Apple TV in the living room. Will she have access to those shows when I install the new Apple TV for her in the kitchen?

If you’re on the same iCloud account or through family sharing, then yes, just as they would be available on the corresponding Macs and iDevices.

I believe ATVs don’t really download stuff though but streams them. You would of course have to make sure they’re connected to the Internet.

Thanks! I have another question. I just realized that the TV in the kitchen is an older model with only one HTMI port, which is being used by the AT&T TV box.

Is there a splitter like connector I can plug into the TV with a single HTMI that will enable TWO HTMI connections–one to the AT&T TV box and the other to an Apple TV?

Is this all I’d need?

That IS expensive. :slight_smile: Can’t do that but will something as simple as this work?

I agree, normally I spend more but in this case, the switcher is only so my wife can use the Apple TV in the kitchen to watch older shows like the Waltons. Not worth a big investment. :slight_smile:

Let me rephrase that. SHE is worth a big investment, just not the TV and show! :slight_smile:


We use an old Amazon basics switch 5 to 1 as We also have an old TV with one HDMI port. I have an ATV, and Xbox and the TV box all routed through it. It works fine. I imagine the gadget you have linked to will also work fine.

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Thanks, I think I have a solution. My wife will be happy. :slight_smile:

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That is all that matters. I hope she enjoys her shows

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I use something that looks worse than that and it works perfectly for me on my monitor to switch between a Mac Mini and also my work Laptop and I’ve had no issues at all.

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