Short rant, 13 versions of slide to power off

Call me crazy, but how is it we still don’t have a reasonable restart button since the home button was removed?

There’s certainly room for a second option on the restart screen. The number of times I have powered off an ios device without the intent to restart it is almost 0. I’d be generous and say at least 95% of all shutdowns are intended to restarts globally.

I see so many people actually shut down their phones on flights. They must have no clue about airplane mode. I would like to see the restart option too but I don’t expect we will ever get it.

I agree. I ¿guess? they are trying to avoid the suggestion that you would ever need to reboot an iOS device.

Which is, of course, obviously untrue, but does Apple want to admit it? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What’s really nutty is that you can reboot the device if you use something like iMazing but it means I have to go to my Mac to reboot my iOS devices, which is definitely not intuitive.

Even a a button in Settings » General » all the way down near “Reset” and “Shutdown” would be something at least.

But you’re right, I almost never want to just power my iOS device off and leave it off. I usually want to restart it.


Recently, I’ve actually had more occasion to shut down my iPhone rather than restart it. I was on a 6-day backpacking trip and I shut down the phone at night to help stretch the battery as long as possible (airplane mode during the day).

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