Short Throw Projector Recommendations

I’ve started to shop for a short throw projector for my partner’s classroom. I am new to this market and looking for wisdom/experience.

A teacher in a nearby room raised funds and got a ViewSonic PJD5553LWS

Another teacher did some research and came up with this BenQ MW632ST WXGA asa near equivalent to the Viewsonic.

Anyhow, I’d love some guidance as to how to make a wise choice. Budget is in the $600-$1000 range.

IMO, the best projector these days is a… flat screen TV. Projectors require dark rooms, the new TVs can be so bright that they display fine in regular light. Projectors need a clean screen (or wall) and a dark room. TV’s are their own screen.

The only value for projectors these days are larger screens (where projectors are cheaper), and situations requring an ‘acoustically transparent’ screen (where speakers must be installed behind the screen out of necessity). For a classroom, I’d suggest a bright flat screen TV.