Shortcut for Split View Help?

Background - I use Logos on my Mac frequently and I have setup a nice template, as soon as the app opens, it opens to my “study” template I created.

Problem - I am trying to replicate that behavior on the iPad Pro (not with the Logos app). 9/10 as soon as I open GoodNotes, I usually open a PDF or some book, etc. to read and take notes from.

Challenge 1 - Is there a way to create a shortcut that I can just click on and it has the 2 pre-assigned apps open in split view for me to work in right away.

Extreme multitask challenge 2 - This came to me as I was writing the post, but if the shortcut also opened perhaps a video file from a Dropbox folder, so now I have a picture in picture “Lecture video” open, with my book, and notebook ready to get my learning on.


I wish I knew.
Working on a similar issue and don’t have an answer.

Did you ever figure anything out?