Shortcut to save open PDF by voice

Hi can someone help me create a work follow that saves a PDF that’s open rather than running the shortcut from the share sheet which is what I previously did with workflow?

I receive bills via email and I want to just open the PDF and say “hey Siri, gas bill” and it runs my shortcut which, renames the PDF and saves it to a folder specified in the shortcut.

Is this possible or do I still need to run it by the share sheet?

This isn’t possible. When using the share sheet you’re giving the shortcut something, when trigger via voice you skip that part so it has nothing to save.

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Ah bugger that’s a shame

I would’ve thought that since it’s built into the os now , and since Siri can be contextually aware ie.remind me about this email or remind me about this page that you would be able to trigger a shortcut and use what’s onscreen as the input

Wouldn’t that be nice🤔

Thanks rosemary