Shortcuts A Good Replacement For Interact Functions?

I am cannonballing into the deep end of the Shortcuts pool, (and having a FABULOUS time :tada:). Thinking out loud here. Since Interact has been discontinued, would shortcuts be a viable replacement for it…:thinking::thinking::thinking::balance_scale:

I don’t know much about shortcuts, but Interact was a nice little CRM/Contacts app. If you want to go with a service, most of the big online CRM services have free tiers for individuals (like Zoho CRM).

If you’re looking for a replacement Contacts-superset for iOS the main contenders I know of are Simpler Pro, FullContact (pricey!), and Connect

There are also a couple of good overviews featuring other apps, like this one at iMore.

You’d have to check individually to see whether, and to what extent, they interface with Shortcuts.

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Thanks bowline! I will checkout those that you list. :+1:t2: