Shortcuts app controlling bluetooth?

I have a couple of bluetooth earphones connected to my iPhone. I don’t know how the iPhone manages their priority but sometimes if I’m listening from one pair and the second pair is mistakenly activated, it immediately disconnects the pair I was using.

With shortcuts able to access Bluetooth I’m thinking whether I could have a shortcut to give me a list of earphones where I could choose from the ones I want to use. It would then connect that pair and disconnect all others.

Or even better, check my location and connect my home/work or gym earphones depending on where I am.

Is this at all possible? :grinning:

Btw, great post by @RosemaryOrchard at the The Sweet Setup - Our first look at Shortcuts on iOS

Unfortunately Shortcuts in its current version allow only to toggle Bluetooth on and off, that’s all.

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Would be really cool to control at device level…that includes switching my iPad’s bluetooth at certain locations so it can tether with my iPhone :grinning:

:crossed_fingers:it’ll come one day

shortcuts can completely turn off Bluetooth though, so you can replicate iOS 10 like control center behavior with a shortcut in the widget