Shortcuts behave differently with Siri

I created a shortcut (below) that, when triggered, turns off ANC on AirPods Pro and pauses playback. If I tap the button in the Shortcuts app, it works beautifully. If, however, I use Siri to trigger the shortcut, it seems to work, but as soon as the Siri interface leaves my screen playback resumes. Anyone know how to stop this from happening?

Use case is, I want the playback to remain paused :slightly_smiling_face: Say someone walks into my office, the shortcut is for me to be able to quickly turn off ANC and pause to carry on a convo. Siri makes this faster, but if I use Siri I then have to re-pause when playback resumes.

Yes, I do :slightly_smiling_face: and I do that too, but the Shortcut is cool! I don’t think the shortcut is the issue; it’s something about Siri triggering playback after a command.