Shortcuts Conundrum

Boy, they really got us good, didn’t they?

  1. Buy out existing product
  2. Rename it to ‘shortcuts’
  3. Keep the documentation limited

This results in all of us Googling any and everything using the word ‘shortcuts’ which brings up mostly references to keyboard shortcuts, a thing that has existed for decades. So you filter that out, but you also have to filter out iOS if you’re dealing with shortcuts in MacOS.

Some day I will learn to stop relying on Apple’s half-assed apps. I keep telling myself this…


I’ve said this since they released Photos (instead of iphoto) Generic names (Music anyone?) make it infinitely more difficult to troubleshoot.

Never mind Desktop Shortcuts to your Shortcuts in Shortcuts!


The link below might be helpful, found with a carefully-crafted Google search (had to go to the source, DuckDuckGo wasn’t helpful in this case).


Is this my future now? Find everything in Reddit instead of Google? sigh

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Maybe search for “Shortcuts app macOS”?

There or stack exchange. That’s where I find the most matlab help.

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They sure did. I have to use “Apple Shortcuts” (with the quotes) when looking for help. But most people have learned to still use iMessage, iPhoto, and iTunes, etc when searching Google. Apple may have changed their names but those are now chiseled in stone.

I still use Apple apps, but I don’t rely on them. All my data is cross-platform.

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Happy see lots of Reddit results over Pinterest

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