Shortcuts Issue -

I bought MacSparky’s Shortcuts field guide, and I’m trying to follow along, but I’m having an issue. This is my iPad Pro running IOS 15.3. I was having the same issue in 15.2

In the Introduction and Overview section: Folder Organization video, a folder in the sidebar is called “Widgets.” I do not have this folder.

Is this something that David created?

I also do not have the “Allow unrestricted shortcuts” button in my Shortcuts settings. I did the bug fix that David recommended too. Here is a screenshot of my Shortcuts settings.

Also, here is a screenshot of my Shortcuts sidebar.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Did he use his iPad for this one? Maybe “widgets” are only on the iPhone? :thinking:

Yes, this is one created manually. When you assign Shortcuts to a widget, you tell the widget which folder to use for the Shortcuts and it shows the top 4 or 8 Shortcuts in the folder (depending on the widget size). For this reason, it can be useful to name the folder something to indicate that it is used by a widget.

When you run the Shortcut the first time (any externally downloaded one) you will be prompted to allow or disallow running the Shortcut for security reasons. If you grant permission for the Shortcut to run, the option to Allow unrestricted Shortcuts will then appear in your Shortcut settings to allow access to run other downloaded Shortcuts without having to agree to it every time.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you! I appreciate your suggestions.

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