Shortcuts menu action not working from homescreen or backtap


when I use a shortcut that starts with a “choose from menu” to launch other shortcuts or menus, and start it from the homescreen or via the backtap accessibility feature, it stops working after a couple of times.
I still can run the shortcut (and other shortcuts) from the shortcut app, but using those triggers won’t work, even for other shortcuts.
When I restart the phone or reinstall shortcuts, it works again for a couple of times.

Has anyone similar experiences?

Yep. Assuming you’re on i(Pad)OS15? Might be something completely different, but this was also an i(Pad)OS14 bug that seemed to happen less as updates rolled out; I’ve since noticed something similar in 15.


Those are both pertaining to a similar sounding issue with 14. I’ve also seen someone write about experiencing this in 15; their issue was resolved by updating to 15.1.

Thank you for the links!
Not being alone helps.

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Haven’t read the links, but I definitely had this problem which is what lead me to use the widget. On a recent episode of Automators though, I believe @RosemaryOrchard said the failures started after dismissing it from a non-menu tap (e.g a different part of the screen). She mentioned she added a “Cancel” option to the menu selection. I didn’t end up going down this route but maybe this is something you can try.


Scratch this suggestion. According to @RosemaryOrchard and @MacSparky on the latest Automators, the solution isn’t reliable. Guess we need to wait for bug fixes and enhancements.