Should I try to return my MacBook Pro 15" if I can?

On early June I needed to purchase a MacBook Pro. The computer of one of the guys that work in my team failed and I moved things so he got an old MacBook Pro and I could purchase one. My work is not editing video, I do regular office stuff (presentations, documents, sheets, email etc.). I purchased a 15" Touch Bar Macbook (2017) that was enjoying until … a few days ago, the new ones from 2018 surprisingly arrived to the store.

Assuming you believe I should explore returning this Macbook, does anyone have experience if at least this is a possibility? Maybe I have lost this option. I ordered on June 8th, received on 21th and been using it ever since. It is not damaged and works perfectly. However I am not sure if the time for a friendly change with Apple has finished since I believe there is only a 14 day period to return. If I cannot do it, I understand, no problem but maybe it is possible.

I would also like your opinion on how frustrated should I feel from the differences, maybe I am making a big deal about something that is not too relevant. It is true that if I had the possibility I would never go for more than 2 TB of space or 32 GB. I do not need them so no regrets about this add-ons I did not have an option to include on the 2017 model. However I do believe the new processor, 6-core, T2 chip and the True Tone display are nice. Also even if I use most of the time an external keyboard I would have some peace of mind that the new ones may have corrected the known keyboard issues.

Do you believe I need to explore changing the MacBook Pro? or make my peace with the fact that I purchased one a few weeks before the new ones were released. Thank you.

For office work the 2017 model should be quite sufficient. I understand the frustration but these were released without much preceding rumor on the timeline so I wouldn’t feel too bad about it.

On the other hand, if you have an Apple Store nearby, it might be worth it to try to exchange the computer. Other people have had luck doing so (it’s at employee discretion).

It never hurts to ask. The worst that could happen is they say no and life goes on.


With you having received it on the 21st I’d say you have a chance. I got mine 6 weeks ago and they said no (worth a shot!). I’d definitely ask, but there’s no guarantee they’ll say yes.

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Update. I talked by phone with Apple and they accepted to receive my Macbook Pro… I am very happy, even if the 14 days have finished, I will be able to get the new one! Thanx for the advice everyone.