Should I Upgrade to the Latest OmniOultiner on Mac?

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So I’ve been using Bike. I like it so far but I have one issue that I can’t figure out. I run and rely on the Alfred launcher. Specifically, I use Alfred to open files. It doesn’t look like Alfred sees the bike files (.bike) that I’ve created. It recognizes other files in the folder that the Bike files are in.

Can anyone help with this? If Alfred can’t see bike files, is there a workaround?

Why OmniOutliner vs Obsidian or Logseq? Thank you

I think as an Outliner, Omnioutliner beats Obsidian, which is not a dedicated outliner. I’ve not used Logseq, so cannot comment there.

OO is very feature rich including embedding files and column layouts. It’s way better on iOS than Obsidian in my opinion. They only issue with OO if that it’s now quite dated and doesn’t seem to have any developmental forward momentum.

If you’re only on the mac and not iOS, Bike is probably a better option.

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I can’t speak for OmniOutliner, Logseq, and Bike. Obsidian keeps all your data in plain text markdown files. You can always read them, search them with other apps, and import them into other apps. This gives me peace of mind, because I write critical notes in them. Such as, taking notes in outline format during client meetings and phone calls. There’s no database that can be corrupted, or app that could stop working.

I do use other apps that keep my data in proprietary formats, but I always have copies of the data these apps organize outside their system (except—and I admit this is important data—OmniFocus).

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