Shout out for Mac NVR software SecuritySpy

I’m not sure many people know about this excellent piece of software that runs on an always on Mac and does away with the need for a standalone DVR/NVR for your security cameras

I’ve been running it for a couple of years now and absolutely love it

The developer is based in England and offers excellent tech support and has a pretty active user forum

I’m in no way affiliated with them but just think it’s a shame that many people have never heard of this software nor thought about using their Mac instead of a noisy DVR/NVR for their security needs

Some links:

That’s good because Blue Iris gets a lot of attention on the PC and frankly I’d rather have a Mac running the NVR software.

Yeah I run it on my mini (now an M1) which is also my Plex server and my desktop computer for every day usage

I have 4 cameras

Taking the words right out of my mouth. I always wonder why UI/UX challenged Developers just don’t hire experienced Designers.

Because, in shops that can afford to hire anybody, developers don’t do the hiring.

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