Shout-out to Apple for making transferring data to a new iPhone so painless

I was successfully fending off my internal desire to upgrade from an iPhone 8 to an XR… then @ismh86 dropped his XR review… then my mom got one… then my cousin… then my buddy in Florida (all unrelated purchases).

My internal resistance finally gave up, I caved and picked one up (maxed out, natch) and was once again reminded how dead simple Apple has made the process of transferring data from one device to another. From start to finish the entire process was 20 minutes, if little more because of fiddling on my part.

I posted this under software because this is more about how easy Apple has made things compared to the past, when I would easily blow hours resetting things, even when using iTunes backups. Now, I just set one iPhone next to another and bang it’s up and running, no need to reapply for WiFi, logging into services, etc. Really, really great.


While I agree that the transfer process was very easy I wish I could transfer apps from the old phone to the new one. I have limited bandwidth where I spend the winter and the app download process took hours. Once all the apps downloaded it ran perfectly.

I also got an XR and loving FaceID. I didn’t think the XS display and cameras was worth the extra cost.

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Thanks! Good timing.

I am considering using my tax refund to buy a new iPad. Just yesterday, I did a quick search into how to transfer my old iPad Air to the new iPad. I got sidetracked and never finished the search. Now, this post. Sounds like it might be relatively easy.


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I wasn’t sure how I’d like Face ID but it is rather cool and convenient (though my initial trial with Apple Pay using it needed a couple tries). And surprisingly, I haven’t missed 3D Touch as much as I thought I would. Granted, I’ve had the XR for only a day and a half, so I’ve yet to run through all my use cases to see where the pain points are.