Show us your new iOS 16 Lock Screen

I am not able to access any 3rd party widgets on my Lock Screen. I have Googled and thus tried the following: restarting iPhone. changing language, off loading the apps, changing the language back. Restart iPhone (again). They are there for the Home Screen but NOT the Lock Screen.

Could be a simple oversight.

For most people with a custom lock screen image, that came from Photos - so if they wanted it on another lock screen, they could just pull it out of Photos again.

Personally, I re-did everything with a new background that allows room for the various lock-screen widgets and allows me to see the image I want visible. Our dog just passed away, and we have artwork of her - so I decided to use that on my favorite color as a background.


Our dog of 12 years passed away in July, so I know it brings sadness. Sorry to hear about your dog’s passing. That artwork is great!

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Continuing the pet theme…

I switch between this one and the weather.


I have the same issue. Any solutions out there?

Just saw this in one of the user guides: The widget interfaces are not as complex as the widgets available in the Today view and the ‌Home Screen‌, but are instead more subtle versions that blend in with the rest of your Lock Screen setup. I hope we do get more of the ‘subtle’ versions for the Lock Screen.

One of:

  1. Open the app and check again
  2. Restart your phone
  3. Reinstall the app

I’ve found the first has worked for me, but others have reported that it doesn’t work consistently.

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Same here. 4 tiny widgets? What a cruel joke.


I was kind of surprised they added the search widget, as it works the same as pulling down on the Home Screen. I guess that’s hard to discover though.

Kind of annoyed we can’t customize our old Lock Screen wallpaper too. No idea where mine came from. I’ll have to do a search, I guess.

I have a different one for every different focus mode, of course. :disguised_face: :nerd_face:


As soon as you add a Widget below the time display, the depth effect goes away

I have the same issue, I read that it’s a known bug, so presumably Apple will fix it shortly. The issue is specifically third party apps that were already on your phone prior to the update. Anything you’ve downloaded since then that has a widgets integration should be fine.

You can “force” a fix by removing the app and downloading it fresh from the store. I did it for one app to see if it worked (it did) but I don’t care enough to do it for others so I’m just going to wait for 16.01.

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Here are mine. I use this one with my Work Focus Mode:

And this one for all other times:

Kat!! Mine is similar.


I’m using the moon one foe the same reason.

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Still loving the earth one but had to switch.




:rofl: :joy:



  • Cardhop (search)
  • MindNode (quick entry)
  • OmniFocus (my Next Actions list)
  • OmniFocus (my “Add to Inbox” shortcut)