Showing Work Calendar in iPhone and Watch

I just upgraded to Watch 4. I need to have my work calendar on my watch to make it to client calls. I’ve added the Outlook link to iCloud and Fantastical, and I’m looking at my work items on my Mac right now. On the phone and watch however nothing.

I’m in Calendar app on the phone and under iCloud, I have my work calendar subscribed with a check mark. But not work items.

What could I be missing here?

Bonus: Does everyone else use brown for your work calendar or is it me?

Thanks in advance!

It is simple - your work calendar should be synced to either your Calendar App on your iPhone or Fantastical, then you should be able to see it on your AW. In my company we have MDM on iPhones, so I can see my work items in the Calendar, but not in Fantastical on iPhone. Thus, only Calendar app will show me work items on my AW.

Confirming what @ptarh says, I can get my work calendar on my personal phone only if I allow my firm to manage my device - once I do, I can see the apps they have authorised to allow firm data to be accessed by and Fantastical isn’t one of them, just the stock Calendar, Reminders and Mail apps. You will need to either use the Calendar app or ask them to amend their MDM restrictions I think.
Bonus: Our firm branding is a dark purple, so I use that for my calendar!

I’ve got MDM on my devices so I can access work email and calendars, but it does allow access to the calendar in 3rd party calendar apps. I think this is a setting the IT department can configure.

Thanks everyone! I did absolutely nothing about this today, and now, all of a sudden, I have my items on my watch and in Fantastical in my phone, which is the ideal situation. Again… not a single change.

Our org does have some sorta weird sign-in thing with Okta, but I use that on my home Mac only in Chrome and did the share calendar via link thing months ago.

I’ve no clue how this magic works anymore.