SideCar with Multiple Monitors -- Stuttering through Confusion


  • MBP
  • LG monitor
  • iPad

Goal: Run a demo on the LG monitor, have the video control setup (Camtasia) on the MBP monitor, and
mirror the LG to the iPad to markup with EpicPen.

First, I wish I could make heads or tails for what these menu selections really mean.

  • Mirror or extend to: ??? huh ??? mirror my MBP to the LG or extend my MBP to something or what ???
  • JJW iPad ??? huh ??? so it is also mirroring the the LG ??? But it behaves as though it is separate

I have had to play a major guessing game to figure out what works and does not work. Jumping to Display Preferences helps, but only in seeing that my configuration is not counter to my desires.

The approach is sensitive to the hardware.

At my work setup, I can mirror my LG to my iPad and run with minor issues. I have however no idea what settings mean what when. Sometimes, I have to swap one setting twice to get where I want.

At my home setup, I cannot get my LG to mirror properly to my iPad. Maybe the WiFi is not as strong??? I end up mirroring my MBP and moving Camtasia to the LG.

Sometimes the Apple Pencil input location is not the same as the screen input location. It seems that you must start without the menu bar hidden and then hide the menu bar. Finally, sometimes the input on the iPad just stops working. I have to reboot the SideCar/Screen Sharing selection.

SideCar seems ripe for someone to develop a structured tutorial and troubleshooting guide, going beyond the blissful Apple instructions “Open SideCar on your mac, select your iPad, and voila … everything just works”.


You don’t want mirror, mirror just means you will see the exact same thing on your iPad that you see on your laptop or LG display. This is useful if you are giving a presentation and want to see on your iPad what you are seeing on the big projector that the audience is viewing. For your own working setup, choose Use As Separate Display.

Yes. I appreciate that extending rather than mirroring might have been the better approach. I’ll have to try again to see whether Camtasia records on my iPad when it is used as an extended monitor.

Still … The menu options for mirroring are … confusing … to say the least.