Significant changes to apps and final 2021 workflow

@JakeBernsteinWA I don’t know if Craft is more or less secure than Obsidian except that if all of your Obsidian files are local then that would be pretty secure. :slight_smile:

I also like Obsidian but ultimately prefer the flexibility of Craft and I did not personally find the graph feature in Obsidian to be particularly helpful.

What are unlinked mentions and how do those work in DT?

“See also” is a DevonThink feature. It’s in the same Information pane as auto-classify. It does a text analysis of your document and finds other, similar documents. People say it’s great for finding connections between documents–sort of an automated Zettelkasten.

Devon Technologies calls it AI, but folks say it isn’t really.

It’s as much “AI” as anything is right now, though one that’s not super sophisticated. OTOH, I am excited for what DEVONtechnologies will be able to do with the machine learning cores in M-series chips in the future!


Oh yes, I recall now. For some reason I thought you were referring to that feature in Craft—and I couldn’t find it. LoL!

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I too was confused at first but I’ve learned to love them! :slight_smile:

Well, after getting lots of advice (Thanks everyone!) and after a bit of struggling and testing, I believe I have completed the tweaks to my 2021 workflow. The thing that finally brought all of this together was insync, which after several days of testing is working flawlessly in syncing Google Suite to DEVONThink. And, notwithstanding my tweaking, I even managed to get a chapter written in my book this past week. :slight_smile:

All in all, I’m pleased with where I’ve landed. :slight_smile:


Thank you for posting your workflow graphic. Been lurking on this thread so this is :bulb: <— one of these moments!

The nut I’ve been trying to crack has been around splitting “project mgmt” and “doc mgmt” and “doc creation” I had been unable to visualise this and, in turn, give a name to these forks. Seems so obvious now, ha!

I rely on Google Suite for work and I think this was throwing me. Had more or less resigned myself to no central DT hub. Not since 1997 has the name insync brought me such joy.


I’m glad it was helpful. :+1:

Glad you like inSync! Keep me posted as you go forward - I am using it in a similar way

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I owe you one! :+1:

20 …

You stayed with Carrot? :open_mouth:

I did. V5 made all the difference. AccuWeather is accurate enough and I love the customization that is possible. I’m not too proud to admit that I was wrong about Carrot weather, though, I probably would not have switched had version 5 not been released.

:+1:…Good deal

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How is Scrivener working for you and are you using it between your Mac and iPad? I switched to Ulysses after losing a few hours of work and some deathless prose that will never be recovered. :frowning_face:

But I think I liked working in Scrivener better.

(That is a great mind map. Still building mine and you’ve given ideas.)

I much prefer Scrivener. I used it for several years and then, based on all of the good things being said about Ulysses, I switched for a while. But there is no comparison. Scrivener is a much more flexible and powerful app. I can use it to write everything from a blog post to writing a book. I’ve never had anything lost. Although I’ve never needed it, I can always get a copy of my Scrivener backups off of Dropbox and/or Backblaze. After once again using Scrivener, I can’t believe I ever left it. :slight_smile:

I’m glad the mind map was helpful! I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit tweaking my workflow but i think I really have something that will serve me well for a long time, at least that is my hope! The other thing I like about my workflow is that I’m using fewer apps in a more focused and integrated fashion with DT being the hub with spokes out to my personal and professional material and apps.

Just wondering … have you become more tentative with Craft? When you don’t include it in Document Creation an put it as “TBD” in Tried &/or Considering, I get the impression that you’re not using it as much as you were, or that you’ve cooled on it. So, please clarify, how much are you liking and using Craft these days?

I like Craft; it is an excellent note taking application, in fact, one of the best I’ve used. That is why it is on the TBD list.

But, though it is not nearly as elegant as Craft, DT has many more features. I believe it makes sense, as much as possible, to have everything in one place. DT has sophisticated linking features in addition to its power features such as templates, scripts, smart rules, smart groups, OCR, file conversion, tables, and much more. Speaking of tables, Craft can’t create them but DT can as shown in the screen shot below. While I lose a few features of Craft (for example Cards and Pages), I believe I gain more than I lose.

In addition to the power features of DT, there are two recent developments that have moved me in the direction of DT for note taking. 1) Discovering insync through @Robejazz and 2) DT’s recent upgrade to the iOS app.

As was noted in a recent MPU’s podcast, systems produce results beyond what discreet components can produce. When I combine DT with my other workflows I have created an effective and efficient system that is superior to a fragmented process composed of better apps when considered on an individual app basis. By definition a workflow is a system. For my needs, I believe DT is a hub that produces an excellent system for creating and managing documents and projects.

@bpsooner I have an update. :slight_smile: I’ve experimented with using Drafts and Craft as my first entry point into DEVONThink when I’m not using DT’s editor. After some experimentation, I discovered that, for my purposes, Craft is the better external editor. Here’s why:

  • Craft provides all of the great writing experience and options that Drafts lacks
  • Though I don’t necessary need it, I have another copy of the notes in Craft
  • Sharing to DEVONThink from Craft creates an automatic backlink to Craft in DT should I need/want to make edits in Craft

The workflow is simple.

  • I create a TextExpander snippet for my notes
  • I expand the snippet in Craft and start typing
  • I share from Craft to DT

The result is I have all of the power of both Craft and DT deeply integrated is a fast, smooth workflow.

Here is an example from a test I ran.

TE Snippet

Craft Note

DEVONThink Result

Also, the note from Craft to DT is a markdown file in DT.

The only thing I cannot figure out is why either TE or Craft is adding the heading hashtag to “Notes”

I updated my workflow mind map by moving Craft from TBD to document creation.


It’s probably Craft that’s turning “Notes” into a header because there isn’t a blank line between “Notes” and the hyphen below it.

@ebarstad Thanks. That wasn’t the problem but your suggestion gave me another idea. I had to remove the - in TE to avoid the problem. :slight_smile: