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I have been using OmniFocus for several years. I haven’t upgraded to version 3 for various reasons including the fact that I’m running on an old Mac OS but I’ve come across this scenario.

Due to a side hustle, I read a lot about podcasts. I’m constantly adding articles and podcasts to try into OF. However, that list just builds up in my inbox and then I categorize it. The issue is that I don’t really need to add a context but until I do, it sits in my inbox. I’m thinking I could create a shortcut for this but I’m not sure I want to do that.

I’m actually considering moving these types of items into a separate app. The app would only have Podcast stuff in it. I want something simple. I don’t care about contexts or tags or much organization.

Maybe it could be as simple as a list app. I want it to be lightweight and also available on my iOS and laptop.

Typically, I’m capturing the title of the article and the url. I actually like Wunderlist as a simple to do list but I think that is overkill as well.

Thanks for any recommendations.

The native Reminders app works pretty well for that sort of thing.


Interesting. I haven’t used that app in ages so it may be a good solution since nothing else goes in there.

I’m going to give it a whirl for a short while and see how well it works for me.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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I agree with @ChrisUpchurch - Reminders sounds perfect! I use it for books I might like to read one day and similar items myself :slight_smile:

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Don’t do unnecessary garbage. Just stop. :zipper_mouth_face:

I second the Reminders suggestion.

You can configure OF preferences to automatically clean up Inbox (move out of Inbox) items that have a project, a context (tag in OF3), either of those, or both of those.

If you do want to stick with omnifocus (i.e. everything else is in there), just make a new context for it.

I have a “lists” context, and then a project folder also called “lists”. Under that folder, I have projects for “books to read”, “movies to watch”, “places to visit”, “books read”, “stuff to buy” and similar topics of more specific work related stuff. As a whole, my lists projects are just that - places I can go when I’m looking for something that I’ve listed - so no actions in them at all. Then if I want to turn it into an action or project I just update context & project.

I find Todoist is perfect for this. It nicely captures URLs from anywhere and lets you easily assign them to “projects” when saving. I like to keep these separate from my main to-do app (which is 2Do) so that serious tasks don’t get cluttered up with wishlists and the like. If something is urgent I can always copy it over to 2Do when I need to.