Simple Utility or Workflow to Blur Faces / License Plates / Etc. on iOS?

What utility or workflow do you use to quickly blur portions of an image, such as a license plate or person’s face, for example?

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I use Picsew for this kind of things. The app is marketed as a utility to combine long screenshots.

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Ditto. It’s great for combining screenshots, but it also has a very easy-to-use blur feature.

I use Annotable for all kinds of photo markup. I typically pixelate areas I want to obscure, but blurring is also available.


I want to second this recommendation. Great app for this use case.

Thank you for taking time to make suggestions. I appreciate it:

Feel free to chime in. I appreciate the input.

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I actually use „HashPhotos“ for that … I’m again and again amazed how powerful that little app is and feels like a Swiss Army knife for photos :blush: