Siri AI seems to be improving in iOS?

Is it just me or is AI improving by stealth in iOS? The other day I sat in my car to go to kids swimming and when I went into maps the first destination suggestion was swimming. It was as if it knew on a Saturday morning that was where I might want to go.

Also, moving emails to folders in Mail for iOS seems to make an ‘educated’ guess about which folder I will want based on the sender.

Or have these been there all along?

It’s interesting the other day I said siri you pronounce my wifes name wrong (She has a non-English name) and it actually said “How would you like me to pronounce it” and popped up with some suggestions. I don’t think many people know that this exists and i’m guessing it’s fairly new.

To do this yourself:
“Siri, Who am I”
Siri will reply…
“You pronounce my name wrong”
Siri will give you the options
… Takes about 5 minutes but is fun!