Siri As A Ringtone/Announcer

We have a IPad that our staff uses for various task in front of customers. I would like to set the ringtones/announcements/etc to use the Siri voice that I have configured as ‘Siri’. Example: I call the IPad, a Siri voice announces it’s me calling, (I know that if I am in the contacts, it will do that. But what about for those that are not? Can I set a Siri ‘voice’ that speaks something like “phone ringing” rather than a tone?). They chose to print a document, a Siri voice tells them printing. What I am trying to do is make the ‘voice’ uninform across all functions, i.e., not have a dozen different dings, dongs, gimmicky sounds. I want it more professional sounding. Any suggestions? :thinking::thinking::thinking: