Siri Dictation and Initial Capitalization

Is there a way to get Siri dictation to capitalize the initial letter on a proper noun? For example, if I want to say, “go to the spring street law library on grand avenue” and properly capitalize the proper nouns, is there a way to do this? With Dragon Dictation, I can, but if I say “initial caps” with Siri, all I get is “initial caps.“

I was watching the MacSparky drafts video, and I think he did it by saying “caps” each time.
“Go to the caps spring caps street caps law caps library …”

I got this:

“Go to the caps spring Street caps law library”

This was done in the Mail app. I wonder if it is app-specific.

And, then, I tried this with these awful results:

Go to the caps spring Street Law caps library on caps grand caps Avenue and tell Mrs. Smith that she has won a new caps Chevrolet caps Corvette.

Same result in Drafts.

I think you say Cap, not Caps


Yep. That works.
Apologies for leading OP down the primrose path.

That did it. “Cap” not “Caps” which makes sense. Thanks for your help, both of you.

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