Siri & iOS 16 questions

My new iPhone 14 pro came with iOS 16.0.3 which I’m generally loving. However, every time I ask Siri for directions it’s in driving mode. I’ve checked my focus mode and it’s not set to driving, but when I activate Siri it seems to be automatically enabled. Is there a way to turn this off?

The other thing that is driving me crazy is if I ask for directions for X business in X city it gives me the full yelp review when I just need directions. Is there a way to get just the directions? I don’t usually want Siri’s help with reviews, just directions.

What exactly are you saying when you ask for directions? These patterns open Maps and start directions for me:

  • “directions to business in city”
  • “directions to business in city, state”
  • “directions for business in city”

I typically say, “how do I get to business in city.” Sometimes Siri will just give me directions, but sometimes she goes into the Yelp reviews. Either way, I want to turn off the driving “focus” because it’s faster to just click on the location I want rather than listen to her rattle off things. Right now the screen is dark because somehow it’s defaulting to a driving focus even though I don’t have that focus enabled.

I tend to say “walking directions to…” and it works ok.

I wouldn’t trust Siri to find a business unless it’s very large - I’d only attempt to do it on the address.

It appears to be the pattern in which you are tasking Siri: asking Siri HOW to get somewhere is likely to trigger a search, whereas giving a directive such as “Hey Siri, directions to [business] in [city.]” is more likely to elicit the response you want.

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Ok. I’ll change the syntax when asking for directions. But that won’t change the strange driving mode that’s automatically happening. Any idea how to turn this off?

You have a Driving focus in Settings > Focus, but activate is set to Manually?

Do you have to tap “I’m not driving” to interact with the phone when this happens?

Thanks for asking @cornchip. Yes, Settings > Focus is set to Manual. And no, it doesn’t give me the option to select “I’m not driving.” The full screen has the the drive mode screen with the Siri bubble at the bottom. I’ve attached a screenshot. Also, someone mentioned this issue on Reddit, although they were talking about a beta version of iOS 15

No luck here duplicating it. I found a couple more threads, and an Apple thread from two years ago where support apparently confirmed it as a known bug. Hopefully someone else here has dealt with it before.