Siri is gaslighting me - or, how can I stop Siri asking "which one?" when I message?

In contacts I have (rather sensibly) stored my wife, Winnie’s, email address and phone number.
She has both set up to work with icloud messages.

But … whenever I ask siri to “Send a message to Winnie”, siri asks, “Which one?”

Then I have to chose whether I send the message to the email address or the phone number.

Every Time.

I’;d assumed that since both go to the same place it wouldn’t matter.

But it does matter.

And. Every time. It asks me.

I think it’s gaslighting me.

Any hints?

You can set the default you want to use

My kids were in the car with me one day, and I summoned Siri to call my wife–the one and only wife I have. Siri responded with “which one?” My kids haven’t stopped laughing at and every time I ask Siri to call my wife and they are around, the guffaws commence. You may be on to something.