Siri on Mac - LOVE IT!

I’ve never ever used Siri on my mac before today! But recently I set up a 3 monitor display and can find it difficult to get back to the toolbar to open Launchpad. In the middle of setting up a shortcut in BetterTouchTool to open Launchpad I realized I can just set up a shortcut for Siri and use that to open apps! It works amazingly! I love it!

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Have you tried the dictation stuff? It’s not bad on the Mac.

The problem I have I think is the microphone.It doesn’t recognise my voice very well. I just have the iMac microphone, and I dont think it is good enough. I can’t bring myself to buy an external microphone just for Siri.:grinning:

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I haven’t yet!! I’m a pretty fast typer but I should definitely try it out! Thanks for the tip!