Siri shortcut based on location?

Hello All:

I’d like to create a Siri shortcut that will set my iPhone to “do not disturb” based on location. So that when I arrive at a location that I go to frequently, I can have the phone automatically go to “Do Not Disturb”. And then when I leave, it will turn DND off.

I know there’s an option for “set do not disturb” in SS. And there are some it can be aware of your location, but I’m not sure how to connect the two.

Shortcuts cannot run automatically. The nearest that you could get to this would be to create a Shortcut that switches on Do Not Disturb with the duration set to until I Leave.

To activate the Shortcut, you can use:

Launch Center Pro by Contrast

which can pop up a location aware notification when you arrive at your desired location. Tapping the notification can then run the Shortcut, setting your DND. Not automatically setting your DND, but only a single tap.

Hope this helps.