Siri Shortcut - run in background or triggered by time?

I’m in David’s SS field guide, and I’m trying to set up my dream Siri Shortcut, but I fear I’m still missing something:

There are a number of locations where the office wifi signal is bad enough to not work, but not bad enough to drop off and revert to LTE. So I turn off my wifi - and then forget to turn it back on.

I’m trying to write a SS to turn off wifi, wait fifteen minutes, and then automatically turn it back on. And I have successfully written that shortcut - but it only works if the shortcut stays in the foreground while running, defeating the purpose.

Is there a way to have a shortcut run in the background (while doing other things)? Assuming not, any clever ways to automatically trigger a Siri Shortcut based on time (and maybe I could build in that trigger based on the running of a first shortcut and some time math)?


There’s not currently any native way to schedule a shortcut to run on a schedule. I know some folks have set up Launch Center Pro to give them a notification at a certain time that they can tap to launch the work flow (still requires manual intervention to launch the shortcut, but you get prompted for it rather than having to remember.


I’m one of those people, I also use the location triggers to get prompted to run actions which is very handy.

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I got into Launcher because of you guys. :slight_smile: Can you Siri shortcuts to set up a Launch Center Pro time based notification? If so, that could be a workaround.