Siri shortcut to play Overcast "faster"

I cannot seem to get this shortcut to work. Is there supposed to be a variable?

which shortcut is that?

“Play Overcast faster”

Overcast has two relevant actions:

Set Speed to 1x


Set Speed

Set Speed to 1x does what it says it does. When it is run as part of a shortcut it sets the speed to 1x if it isn’t already there.

Set Speed, however, sounds like it should set the speed to some arbitrary value. However, that action takes no arguments and accepts no input. When run as part of a shortcut, it simply sets the speed to 1x if it isn’t already there.

I think the OP is confused by Set Speed because it does not seem to behave as expected.

Either: there’s some specific way a user needs to use Set Speed to get it to work as expected; or there’s a bug with the Set Speed action; or what we are expecting from it is not how it is designed and it is working as designed (but not how we expect).

I am now able to use a shortcut which ‘speeds’ up a podcast to 1.2. Only thing is, when I enact it while Overcast is playing Siri picks up what is being said on the podcast so I need to pause overcast to use it.

Are you using your device’s built-in speakers to play the podcast, or an external device (E.g., via AirPlay) – becuase my experience is that invoking siri will pause whatever audio is playing on the same device.

It does on CarPlay as well. It is when I use siri on my phone.