Siri Shortcut (Workflow) - ignore a cancel command

Hi all, back with another problem that I can’t locate an answer to via Google, so returning to the coolest help desk

I have a workflow that creates a does some things to create a daily journal. One of the tasks asks me to select any any photos that I may want to store in the journal. My problem is if I don’t select any photos I can only select “cancel” which then stops the workflow.

I’ve tried to use an “If” statement that checks that a count is greater than zero etc. But no joy. Any thoughts gang?

Instead of using ‘Select Photos’ try doing ‘Find Photos’ then ‘Select from a List’ afterwards. This gives you both a ‘cancel’ and an ‘OK’ option and seems to continue the shortcut if you press ‘OK’ without having selected any photos.

(Apologies if I have the action names slightly messed up—phone is in Spanish right now so it’s my best guess at a translation!)

Hi @Kaitlin, you are a total Star. Spanish, English, Siri workflow. All totally great hahaha.

Thanks for this works like a dream

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