Siri Shortcuts w/Xfinity remote (for disabled person)

Here’s the question: Can Siri Shortcuts (or anything else voice-controlled on iOS) change channel settings for Xfinity cable boxes?

Here’s the context: A dear friend has for the last several years been confined to a wheelchair, with minimal hand/finger movement. Her husband has set up an old iPad on which she can read, and she has been able to move back and forth through the material just by tapping on one side of the screen or the other. Xfinity has an iOS app that can help her control the TV with similar manipulation. That simple tapping is becoming problematic, however. She needs to be able to read from the iPad, change TV channels, etc., with voice control.

Xfinity has voice-controlled remotes. I’m not familiar, but more info can be found at their website. They seem geared toward people who are blind or have low vision. From what I can see, they require pressing a button to activate the microphone.
Depending on your friend’s abilities, you might add something to raise the button above the others, mount it so it could be chin activated, etc.

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Some other resources that might be helpful:


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Thanks, all, for the suggestions.

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