Siri voice output problem (with 13.2 beta?)

Good morning. Odd problem that has started on my phone. Seemingly began with latest iOS 13.2 public beta. I’m getting no voice response from Siri.

Siri interactions work fine. That is, when activating and speaking to phone, Siri recognizes and responds. However there is no audio output. Symptom is consistent whether using Siri with no headphones, with headphones or in CarPlay. Interaction works, but no Siri audio out.

All other audio out is fine. Mute switch isn’t on, etc. I’ve done all the usual and customary troubleshooting. This includes changing voice in Settings>Accessibility>Voice Over>Speech>Voice. BTW, when I make that voice change and tap on the play button next to the sample, that works fine… I hear the voice response.

In the spirit of yet another test, I created a simple Shortcut with a Speak Text action. That works fine too.

Anyone else seeing similar behavior?

Any other tips for troubleshooting?

Just to close the loop on this. Yes, there was a known bug for this. It was resolved in the 13.2 update.