Siri will call my wife, but not send her a text message, Any thoughts?

Greetings, since upgrading to iOS 14 using “Hey Siri” no longer remembers who my wife is when trying to text. If I say “Hey Siri, call my wife.” it works as expected. If I say “Hey Siri, text my wife.” it asks who my wife is, then asks if I’d like her remember that and then for the 20th time still does not remember.

Any thoughts on how to fix this? I’ve edited my contact car multiple times deleting my wife and adding her back in the relationship spot. Tried restarting my phone, updating to the latest update, and chatting with Apple, but no solutions thus far.

Personality conflict?

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Have you just tried telling Siri ‘Hey Siri, Name is my wife’ out of the context of sending a message? Maybe delete the relationship and let Siri add it?

Very strange, but then Siri has some oddities.

“Hey Siri, did my wife and you have a talk about preferring calls?”


Thanks for the comedic relief. I spoke with Apple and they do not have a solution. They wanted me to send in my phone which I thought would just be too cumbersome. The issue was present on my iPad as well so I didn’t think sending in my phone would do any good. I cleared my contact card and my wife’s, and started both of them fresh. I also labeled my wife as my spouse instead of wife and my contact card. Somehow, Siri recognizes that the person labelled as my spouse is my wife and will send her a text message when I say “text my wife”. Go figure. This feature has broken the last two times I updated to a new iOS. My other relationships such as mom and dad worked fine. I’m glad I fixed this without sending my phone into Apple. There must’ve been some little idiosyncrasies within the label “wife”. If I labeled my wife as my sister, Siri had no problem generating a text message to her.