Slapdash: Command line-ish cloud services aggregator

A search for Slapdash doesn’t yield any hits on our forum yet, anyone playing with it?

ETA corrected link, thanks @ryanjamurphy


FYI, that link goes straight to an uninformative sign-in page. Here’s the homepage:

Looks neat, thanks for the tip @beck! The idea of indexing cloud services for desktop access is clever. I am also interested in how folks might use it.

Hope you don’t mind me barging into the conversation. I’m one of the folks building Slapdash.

We haven’t spent much time on our sign-in page (soon though!), but you can get a better sense of all the things you can do by glancing at our changelog (

We have two form factors in our desktop app: Big Window and Command Bar. Big Window is closer to Finder for your cloud apps (search, organize, etc.), while Command Bar is our version of Spotlight (pulled up via OS-global shortcut).

Our Command Bar can do just about everything Spotlight can (launch apps, math, control your computer), but also can control you cloud apps (search, launch, create things).

We’re currently working on docs, but feel free to play around and ask questions.


Looks like maybe an IFTTT or Zapier wannabe? Very pricey – $228 U.S. annual

Could be an Alfred killer…