Small moments of happiness

Sometimes it’s the small things in life that make a difference,

As of version 91 my favorite browser, Firefox, fully supports dark mode. Not just the main window, which had dark mode for a little while, but also the menus in the bookmark bar, the history and bookmark windows…

The best browser became even better today. :wink:


I haven’t used Firefox much for a long time.

I am interested to know what makes you like it so much.

(Note: since this is the Internet, I should probably clarify that I am not interested in a browser comparison ‘war’ or anything like that, and hope no one responding will go in that direction. I am legitimately just interested in knowing what makes you like Firefox because I haven’t used it much for a long time, and would be interested to know.)

My main browser is also FF and that is primarily because it’s the ‘browser of choice’ of my company and I have all the bookmarks, history, etc cache between work and home PC.

While I know Chrome is more popular, but I do read that Chrome is a resource hog, and I didn’t think that FF is resource hungry, not that I have done any comparison, just that overall experience is pretty good.

Fwiw, I use Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Safari regularly — dozens of tabs each by the end of the day, oftentimes. Edge sometimes makes an appearance too.

Firefox is indispensable for a couple of features:

  • It will display JSON (from an API call I’m testing, e.g.) in a nested, easy to read format (complete with folding). The other browsers just smear unformatted text across the screen — not fun for very large objects.

  • By holding down the Control key (I think — it’s in muscle memory now) and selecting cells in an html table, you can select just certain rows cells or ranges. When you copy, they paste beautifully into spreadsheets.

Pretty sure both of those work out of the box (though it’s possible I’m unwittingly using some plug-in I’ve forgotten about). I’m sure Chrome can do those with extensions that will further bloat it. But for my part, I’ll use Firefox for those two features.

A legitimate question. And one that’s hard to answer. It all comes down to minor details. Like that it has the option to add separator lines in bookmark menus (afaik it’s the only browser that had this option). It has a lot of extensions (Safari is horrible in this respect, Chrome/Edge of course are on par or perhaps even better). It’s “independent”. And not Chrome. :wink: It’s pretty fast too. It doesn’t give me as much issues with certain sites as Brave, Vivaldi, and what have you. It’s not as weird looking as Opera.

Basically, call it personal preference. And I’m used to it.

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They also added enhanced cookie clearing, which is pretty neat.

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For me, it’s Multiple Account Containers. This allows me to use a number of Office 365 accounts and not have them interfere with each other, as they do if I sign in one one browser. It auto detects the link and opens it in the right container for that link. Really handy.

That’s probably the main reason. I like the fact it’s not Google (but then I use Chrome at work, so I can keep my bookmarks separate - I guess I could just use another profile).

On Windows, changing the setting to not close it when I close the last tab is handy.

I’m not a huge fan though it’s my daily driver at the moment. However, if you’re doing web work, especially CSS stuff, I think FF’s tools are best of breed. :slight_smile: