Small programmable keyboard - stream deck alternative

Does anyone have experience of a keyboard like this please?

A stream deck feels a bit to expensive for what it does, but whilst I know this does not have all the bells, whistles and on-button display, it would add some additional keys which could be programmed.

There are also some cheaper alternatives, made by ‘Jelly Comb’, but I’m not sure that tese are programmable.

If anyone has something to recommend, I’m listening!

Many thanks


That’s 9-button and it’s a little cheaper than the 6-button StreamDeck.

It has one (and it turned out to me to be major) disadvantage: You can’t see what the keys do.

Your starting point is a little unclear - so I don’t know if you have a Raspberry Pi and a touch screen (probably not). But these two blog posts of mine might help you:

Probably the latter is more useful than the former. And I did get the 15-button StreamDeck to sit alongside my 6-button one. I still needed more real estate so I bought this for iPad:


Let us know how you get on.

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Depending on your setup Alfred Remote might be a simple solution.


Just to throw out another option

You can use a Nimbus game controller with the Controlly app and then program Hotkeys for Keyboard Maestro etc.

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Those cheap “numpad” replacements usually are mapped in a fixed way to those keys. Setting up macros with keyboard maestro or alike will only recognize “numpad 1” (for example) not “keyboard X + numpad 1”. If you use a full keyboard with numpad already those macros will collide with your numpad use.

Yet, you can always use the “hyperkey” (Capslock mapped to CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + CMD using Karabiner Elements or BetterTouchTool) in combination with every key on your keyboard.
The only difficulty is remembering what hotkey combo corresponds to what automation.

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What about the option of the stream deck mobile app? $25 per year and work’s great with an old iPad mini


Better Touch Tool lets you map hotkeys based on the keyboard used


I’d second Metagrid if you happen to have an ipad lying around.

The built in Keyboard Maestro support makes this a great, and cheap, streamdeck alternative

Discussed in this MPU episode:

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Thank you all for the replies. I’ve gone for a 15 button streamdeck after all.

So now I need to ask where I’ll find the best intro and simple examples of what others do with their streamdecks!

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I have to ask: Do you have Keyboard Maestro?

Oh yes! Use it every day! And will be linking it to the StreamDeck!

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Great! Then that’s where the real power lies. Whether you use KMLink, the official KM capabilities, or AppleScript.

(So far I’ve used Applescript. Now I think about it I’m not sure why I go from AppleScript to KM and back again :slight_smile: - instead of just putting the entire AppleScript in the button definition.)

That might not be necessary in the future.

I want to echo @DannyR above and ask the difference between using the Stream Deck app vs the device. Why buy the device if you can subscribe to the app for approx $25/year? Or must you buy the device first in order to add the app like renting an additional seat?

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