Smart Keyboard 11” cramped?

I currently have the 9.7” iPad Pro with the Smart Keyboard, but i find this keyboard to be a little cramped and difficult to type on.

I’m pondering next whether to go 12.9 or 11, and the only thing that’s really bothering me in this instance is the Keyboard. I like the idea of the brydge, but I love the lightness of the Smart Keyboard and the fact it’s always just there, but if the 11” feels cramped like 9.7” it’s a differentiator for me. I’ve tried them at the apple store, but I can’t tell if it’s still cramped or not.

Anyone got any experiences they can share please?

I think it’s fine. It’s smaller than the keyboard on my MacBook Pro, of course, but it’s still very easy for me to touch-type on.

That said, I’m 5’4” and have average-sized hands for someone of my height. YMMV.

I have the Brydge on the 11" Pro and the Logitech on the 12.9". They are both rather heavy. The Brydge on the 11" is cramped for me – I wouldn’t want to write more than a few hundred words at a time. As mentioned, YMMV.

I have the 11” with the folio keyboard, and that works perfectly for me.

I use the Slim Folio from Logitech for my 10,5’ iPad Pro. Because I wanted something that is backlit, uses smart connector instead for Bluetooth and I also wanted something that protects the backside and sides of iPad at all times. When I don’t use the keyboard, I put it away. It’s certainly not as sleek and light as Apple keyboard but has nice keytravel and feels good for typing with classic key mechanism. Also it can hold Pencil which is nice and always available. Bonus - it’s cheaper and there is no glue that sometimes fails on Apple keyboard which my friend told me who works at Apple Resaler.

On 11" they dont use smart connector but bluetooth - you have to charge it but you can use it detached if that’s what you want.

Picture of mine: