Smart Keyboard available UK

I’ve changed from a 3rd gen iPad Pro 12.9 to an M1 3rd gen iPad Pro 11. (Wow it looks tiny at the moment)

I have a used Smart Keyboard for the 12.9 which is spare and free to a good home. Happy to post to someone else in the UK. First come first served.

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UK here! Still available?

Yep. DM me your address and I’ll send it

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Anxious about how the step down in size will work for you. I have the 12.9 and a mini and have noticed I use each of them for completely different things.

@jsamlarose you scored yourself a good deal there!

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Good deal indeed! I’m grateful. :slight_smile:

On the subject of sizes: although I really appreciate the size of the 12.9 and the portability of the Mini, I think the 11” is still a good balance of the two. It’ll probably take a minute to adjust, though, coming down from the larger size.


I did look at the Mini, but eventually decided that was a step too far.

I am noticing a few differences, e.g. Split Screen is a little more cramped and a couple of apps I use make compromises on the smaller screen. But I’m about 24 hours in and I think I’ll adapt.

I also picked up a Logi Combo Touch case for about £120 down from £190 (I’m a dropper) with the keyboard and trackpad. The trackpad seems pretty usable. Out of the Smart Keyboard, the Brydge and the Logi, I like this one the best so far. The Brydge was great, but so very heavy and I wasn’t that impressed with the build quality.

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Thanks for sharing your impressions about the shift from the 12.9” to the 11”. I’ve been seeking out people’s thoughts on moving in that direction, as I’m about to make the same jump, from a 2017 12.9” to the 2021 11”. I use the iPad nearly exclusively for my personal and professional computing, and so while nearly everyone says that you should stick to the 12.9” if you’re essentially using the iPad as a laptop replacement, I’m finding that I’m increasingly using the iPad as a tablet, when it’s quite unwieldy in the 12.9” form factor. I’m looking forward to striking a better balance, like what @jsamlarose mentioned.

The one thing I can tell you is that jumping from the 2018 12.9 to the 2021 11 is that the amount of memory is BONKERS. I used to regularly open an app and it would reload from scratch. Now apps I opened 2 days ago are still in memory.

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That’s awesome! Does yours have 8GB of 16GB of memory?

I got the 256GB storage model, so I’m assuming 8GB.

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