Smart Keyboard Folio

Is anyone else as excited as I am for the Smart Keyboard Folio!!? IPad Pro lapability has been a big issue for me and one of the situations that makes me reach for a MacBook.

I have been waiting for Apple to come up with a keyboard solution that is stable in the lap like a laptop (no kickstand like Surface), lightweight, and easily removable. The Smart Keyboard isn’t so stable, the Brydge Keyboard is not lightweight, and many stable keyboard cases aren’t easy to remove.

The Smart Keyboard Folio’s solid typing surface and easy magnetic attachment look amazing; can’t wait to see whether or not it actually works well.

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As I’m currently using my iPad Pro in my lap in a hotel room, yes - I most definitely am!

That said, I realised on the plane yesterday that I also use the Smart Keyboard with the small wedge size from time to time - usually to watch films during take off and landing with the iPad lying down, or standing up when eating - hopefully the lying down slightly raised option will somehow still be available!

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I am very torn as to what protection to get for my new iPad Pro. I am currently using an external bluetooth keyboard and love the lean profile of the iPad with only the Smart Cover attached. I am looking at both the Folio thing and the new Smart Keyboard, but I am waiting for them to get to my Apple Store so I can really feel the weight and bulk of the different options. The price of both these options are also considerable, given that I already have a perfectly great keyboard. I am also contemplating a simple sleeve, and to use an external stand to hold the iPad. I am 99% of the time using the keyboard on a table, so I don’t do a lot of lap-typing.

The addition of the camera bump really cries out for a back cover, or it won’t lie flat on the table, right? A bit sad to have that beautiful aluminium surface covered up with a case at all times IMHO.

Curious to hear how others are thinking about this too.

The Smart Keyboard is one of my favorite features of the iPad Pro and I’m looking forward to the new Folio. A bit more stability and the option for multiple angles is a welcome enhancement.

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In my experience the slightly weight and bulk of the Smart Keyboard does not outweigh the convenience of always having a keyboard around. I have not found this trade off to be true for any other keyboard but the Smart Keyboard is so thin and so easy to tear off when I don’t need it that it has been worth it. The Smart Keyboard Folio looks like it will improve every aspect of the experience while still not feeling like an actually case that you have to put on and take off.

Note that the hands on reports that I have read say that the camera bump does NOT destabilize the iPad when lying flat without a case.

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People keep talking about the camera bump being new, but if I recall my 10.5 pro has a bump, too. So not new right?

@HobbyCollector I think people are revisiting the camera bump issue because it is a good bit more prominent than the bump on previous iPads. I have not found it to be much of an issue though.

@Seanndaly Ahh, thanks! I haven’t seen one in person yet (mine arrives this week when I’m out of town for work!). I’ll go hit up an Apple store to check them out.

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Most of the protective cases that I have seen do not have a keyboard and since I do not like typing on glass, I used to carry the Apple bluetooth keyboard and an Anker folding stand before getting the magic keyboard cover. I was on my second keyboard cover on my older iPad when gravity inspired the need to upgrade my iPad.

I purchased the smart keyboard folio. I like the smaller form factor of the folio The keyboard works nicely but even with the two angled viewing options, I think I like the older model better.

The magnets seemed more secure in the older model. My biggest peeve is that the keypad is exposed when you fold the cover back behind the iPad for reading. It is hard to avoid pressing keys while holding the iPad for reading. I don’t know if you are expected to remove the iPad from the folio to read or just keep pressing the keys and hoping you are not altering a document. It is going to take a while to get used the tactile feel of the exposed keyboard.

The keyboard input on the Smart Keyboard Folio is not active when the keyboard is folded around to the back, so you don’t have to worry about pressing the keys. That said, I often just pop the keyboard off when I’m using the iPad in tablet mode just because it’s more pleasant to work with that way.

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