Smart kitchen scale

I’m going to purchase a kitchen scale, so decided to check if there is already something smart and Apple compatible. the wirecutter says no but they rely on an article from 2016. If anybody has/know/saw something please tell me :slight_smile:

I know the Apple Store briefly had one, I want to say the brand was Escali but I’m not sure. I did look into it as I love to bake and cook but realised that it wouldn’t actually benefit me - I cook 4 portions of a meal and eat one, so would have to do even more work than my current solution in MyFitnessPal. What are you hoping to gain from having a smart scale?

A digital kitchen scale is extremely useful though.

I thought I could help me to keep track of what I eat (for simple food like rice, salmon, chicken). It seems easier to journal my food if the phone shows an interactive notification with exact weight and I need to select a product only. So the app can automatically calculate nutrients and sync them in Health. As this approach is limited and doesn’t work with complex dishes the device itself should work without my iPhone. That’s why Drop scale is not for me.
Escali app is, unfortunately, has 1 star and is not up to date .
And that’s it, I don’t know any other devices like that