Smart weights recommendations

Hi everyone.

Does anyone out there have any experience with smart weights?

I’m looking for a weight or scale if you like which connects over WiFi to deliver insight to an app on my iPhone, which may help to track my weight over time.

Any suggestions or recommendations is much appreciated. Thanks :pray:t2:

I’ve been using a Nokia scale for several years. I just upgraded to the Nokia Body Cardio and really like the insight. It automatically uploads to Apple health and then can be pulled into various fitness apps.

I’d suggest looking at your trends over time, like everything numbers don’t always tell the true story. What really matters is how you feel and how you feel you look, not an arbitrary number on a scale.


I have just created a workflow that runs in a widget, asks for my weight (happens inline in the widget), calculate my BMI based on my height that it gets from Health and writes the data back.

Literally takes 2 seconds in the morning. As long as you are only interested in weight this works just fine.

You can get the workflow here


I use a simple €25 Bluetooth scale that measures my weight and body fat / water / muscles percentages. It also calculates my BMI. Weight, body fat, and BMI are automatically transferred to HealthKit.

I have been measuring (daily) for more than a year now and I’m lucky that I’m at a healthy BMI with a pretty constant weight (hardly any outliers). I thought that was the case, but it’s nice to see that confirmed in a trend graph in the Health App.

The Apple Watch might support that luck… (I try to complete the rings everyday)

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I have the Fitbit Aria Scale. This tracks my weight and my body fat %. It caters for multiple people in the household too (that is, it knows when it’s weighing me vs my wife).

Fitbit doesn’t connect directly to HealthKit, but I have an IFTTT workflow that moves the data across.

I’ve been really happy with it.

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Which brand/model are you using ?

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Sanitas SBF70.

The App is not really good, but it gets the data into HealthKit, so for €25 I should not complain… :wink:


I also use the Fitbit Aria scale and then have the data fed into that will give a trendline on what is happening over time.

I like trendweight since it reflects the trend, not the weight so having a nice dinner out doesn’t throw your trend way off.

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I got a “Xiaomi Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Weight Scale” - writes the data directly into Apple Health. In use for over a year now, no problems. For Nokia i’am not sure, because they sold the Health-business back to Withings.

Used before a normal scale, entered the data into workflow to get them into Apple Health. But the automatic way now its much easier.

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I’m using an old-fashioned scale and the iOS app Scelta. Scelta gamifies weight-tracking. It’s a dumb idea but it’s working for me — down 8 pounds since April. Moreover, it’s helping me maintain a good weight now.

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I’ve got the Eufy bodysense smart scale (wirecutter recommendation). Works pretty well, the app pushes all of the data into apple health.

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I’ve been using a Withings for years now. The Withings app was horrible, got a lot better, then Nokia took over and forced me to switch to a new app (Health Mate) which was worse than horrible. It didn’t work and often crashed.

Over a few months, the app improved, and now it’s pretty good. I rarely use the app unless there’s a problem or I need to change the batteries on the scale. You have to set up the scale all over again when you remove the batteries, which is ridiculous.

Other than those glitchy app years, it’s been reliably sending data to Apple’s Health app, which is all I care about.

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Thanks for the recommendation of Scelta. Looks like what I’ve been searching for!

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If you have a good amount of time you can read here and go trough the links :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks everyone. I decided to go with a FitBit Aria 2 and after almost a week of usage I’m satisfied with it. Thanks again everyone

Is there Apple Health support from fitbit? Or how do you get you weight-data into Apple Health? In the past my fitbit Zip was not supported to bring data over.

I just checked the Apple Health app. There is no data on weigh there so I don’t think it connects with the Fitbit app.

Thx for the feedback.

@andreasl - maybe you can use Shortcuts to bring the weight from fitbit to Health?

  1. fitbit supports shortcuts directy
  2. you take a screenshot and Shortcuts does the rest (grab latest screenshot, cut the unneeded parts of, OCR with Scanner Pro / Scanbot, log the result in Health)

Thanks. I think I’ll just use the Fitbit app what’s the benefits of having the data in the