Smile's Fall Collection

Smile, the wonderful folks behind TextExpander, has a sale going on for some productivity apps, one of which is Hook (which caught my eye). Anyone use Hook? What is it, and does it help?

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Good discovery. Hook is an app that generate smart links. For example to other documents etc

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Can’t seem to get Hook Discount code to work. it says it’s been used too many times already.

I was finally going to get a license for Hook but got served with “this coupon has been used too many times” :cry:

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Pity, someone should contact Smile or Luc @

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Maybe just @ him here.


Very good point for the others to PM Luc. I’ve already purchased few weeks ago.


Just did that, let’s see! Thanks

Soulver 3 is now mine.

I too was going to buy Hook but at this time I wouldn’t be able to dive in and learn it like I need to and the discount was only $5 so there wasn’t a huge incentive to grab it today but I’ll get it when things settle down a bit.

sorry about that. I’ve fixed the maximum number count. All good to go !
Thanks all, and thanks @JohnAtl for the mention.


Just had to laugh because you can get Path Finder for $9 at BundleHunt or … $25.20 from Smile.

Note that Hook is a subscription, not an outright purchase. I apparently paid for it in November 2019 and haven’t used it at all yet, although it looks very promising.


Hook is not subscription per se. Users get a year of free upgrades and don’t need to pay subsequent years if they are happy with features they have now & keep on using. Unlike subscriptions model where you have to keep on paying just to use their applications


Anyone here use PullTube? Currently using Downie (via SetApp) and wondering if there’s any major differences between the two.

Hook is similar to Agenda’s subscription model.

Smile! :slight_smile:

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