SMS: Why is it so hard to make it right?

I have asked and begged Apple for better SMS handling. Like Snooze, Share or Mark as unread. Why is it so hard to implement these functions?


  • I get a text message from a client. I want to share it to OmniFocus. Copy-OpenOF-Create taks-Paste is at least threeps to much.
  • I get a text message that I want to be reminded about this evening. Why isn’t there a Snooze function!?

I understand that the text message service provided by our phone companies don’t have these functions. But Apple could easily implement it in iMessage (or “Messages” whatever) that only works on Apple devices. They just don’t seem to want to!?

Or have I missed something?

Well… you can do this, but it only works with build in reminders as far as I can tell. With the text message open, launch Siri and say remind me about this at 10PM (whatever time you want). It adds to your reminders app with link to the message.


Maybe email is the solution.