Snippets on iOS

When Textexpander went subscription based, I moved to Typinator on the Mac. It’s worked out great.

I still need a decent solution for snippets on iOS.

Can anyone recommend a good solution?

Thanks much.

Depending on your needs, the built-in text replacement functionality in iOS may do the job (Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement).

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Thanks, @ChrisUpchurch.

The built-in text replacement works well for shorter snippets, but not as well for longer, more complex snippets.

I was wondering if something like could be used in this way.

Copied is what I’m using on iOS synced with Mac.
I really only needed text for one template (so far). I created a group in Copied called Templates and put it there, so it’s always on top. The main clipboard history on Copied is sorted chronologically, so it was migrating down.

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Thanks, @JohnAtl!

Have you tried using the Copied keyboard on iOS while the Smart Keyboard is attached?

Hm. Just tried it.
As you may know, when you use it without the keyboard, it pops up a list of tiles with text to paste. But with the (physical) keyboard open, switchi to the Copied keyboard doesn’t appear to do anything.
Very possible I’m missing something,
To date, I’ve just used it in side-by-side mode.

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Another thing that I recently learned is that you can copy a semi-complex snippet (one with multiple lines) into the shortcuts built into Mac, and it will sync over to iOS with those line breaks preserved.


Wow. Didn’t realize that! Thanks!