So David, et tu?

I did some inspection of and say it ain’t so; you’ve moved to WordPress.

@macsparky are you going to give us an update on why you moved from Squarespace?

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Thanks! I’ll check it out

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I would be highly intrested in a Wordpress Video Field Guide from David Sparks. Especially now since he is using it, he could maybe share parts of his “blogging/website” workflows.


Squarespace is not very friendly for any sort of plugins or automation. Last time I looked at it (admittedly a while ago), the iOS apps did not support Shortcuts, etc.

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I must agree with you. I’m a huge fan of WordPress and find it highly more performing and gives you more customizable plugins.

Wordpress is great if you write long blog posts. I find it infuriating for more freestyle blogging.

I split my blogging between Wordpress and Tumblr now.

Yup. I’ve switched to WordPress. Honestly, it was with some reluctance. I’ve been happy with Squarespace, but I’m adding some new features after the new year that needed the flexibility of WordPress.

The WordPress transition went without too many issues and now I’ll be ready for the new year.


By the way, was it easy to export the content from SquareSpace to WP?

Yes and no. Squarespace generates a file that makes it easy. The problem was that I’ve been on SS so long that the blog post naming convention chanted in the interim so for a few days, we were getting 404’s on a bunch of my posts. Added redirects to fix it and I think it is largely solved now.

Site looks really nice @MacSparky . I like the clean look and font. What template are you using?

Theme started life as “Read”, but we made several changes to it.

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