So Excited for this Fall!

I’ve been waiting for it to be September since last December! For one, OF for Mac is less than two months away, which is going to change the game for those of us who are heavy OF users who are not primarily on iPad. At some point this year, Drafts for Mac is probably going to make some form of a showing as well, which is going to Pimp My Workflow.

And then beyond what every other power user can get excited about, I’m going to be upgrading my iPhone 6 Plus to the X Plus/XL/2018 Large Economy iPhone. Also finally going to pick up an Apple Watch with the release of series 4, going from an unintelligent watch. Also, major performance improvements to the scoring software Dorico will be out this Fall will be exciting for me in my work.

Is anyone else super hyped for Fall tech?


My iPhone (X), iPad (Pro), and Watch (Series 3) are all still fine, but I would love an iMac update…


Yes, I really want new iMac update as well. More memory and much bigger hard drive. And keep a hard drive option as well as SSD option. Mine has 1 a 1TB internal drive and I could really use and take advantage of a 4-8TB version. That would save me from the current octopus of attached drives. As for memory… You can never have too much RAM.

For what an 8TB SSD will cost (do they even exist?), you can get a nice Synology NAS and load it up with more than 8TB of storage.

Really hoping for a refresh to the iPad Pro 12.9. Apps like Affinity Designer and Photo really can use some extra kick. Also hoping that the rumor that it will be in a square format is bogus :grin:

I need a new Apple Watch. The crown of mine stopped working after abusing it doing construction work…
Waiting for the latest model or discount this fall.

Until then mine is a plain “digital watch”.

We’ve got a NAS system, not sure I can connect multiples of them up at one time and am running out of space to rack in hardware.

I was looking forward to the new iPads, but then realised what I really wanted is a cheaper one, so I just got one.

I’m really, really hopeful for a new Mac Mini, as I just gave mine to my parents!

I had same problem but mine is still under AppleCare so they swapped it for a new one.

I’m on a two-year cycle with the iPhone and still using an iPhone 7, so I’m really looking forward to the iPhone X successor. I’ll take a serious look if they refresh the 12.9" iPad Pro with an eye towards replacing my 2015 model. My 2011 Mac mini will not be able to run Mojave, so if they refresh the mini I’ll probably buy one.

I have a 7+ which I absolutely love and see no reason to change.
On the other hand my wife has her eye on it, so my hand may be forced…

I have the 1017 iMac with thunderbolt 3 and added the Drobo 5c3 thunderbolt 3 external drive. It performs better than Synology NAS drive on my network since it is directly connected to the iMac. As well, it has an SSD cache card to increase throughput even more for files that are used multiple times.

However, I’m looking forward to the iPhone X refresh plus watch. I’m currently using a Nexus 6P Android device and since I’ve moved to a Macbook Pro from a chromebook, I’m thinking of going all Apple technology for a while.

This reminds me that the most exciting thing for me is in iOS 12, but I was so excited I installed the beta so I got it already.

tl/dr: my old phone now runs really well (for my uses)

2 years ago I dropped my iPhone 6 and damaged it. I took it to a Genius and he told me that the battery was swollen and this fault was covered outside of warranty so he gave me a brand new iPhone 6. About half a year ago my wife dropped my phone and although the out of warranty offer had ended, the battery hoo-hah at the time meant a replacement battery was dead cheap.
Now, not only is my phone physically in tip-top condition, but with iOS 12 it runs really fast and I’m think I’ll be keeping it at least one more year.

I’ve been too much of a coward to install the beta. My iPhone 6 is so very slow, I don’t know why I won’t. I guess it’s only a month until I’m upgrading it anyway…