So I bought a Synology DS918+

Firstly - incredibly easy to get started

I’ve set up Time Machine for my wife (she was only using Backblaze previously - sticking to the “1 backup = none” philosophy)

Next step is my iMac. It currently backs up to an external HDD - does anyone have any experience migrating a Time Machine backup from external attached HDD to NAS - or just bite the bullet and create a new backup?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You could try attaching the external HDD to the Synology, and with the downloadable package “USB Copy,” copy the particular TM backup to the folder you have setup for Time Machine on your NAS.

Then, back at your iMac, your system has to “inherit” the TM backup:

but also this:

While it should work, it doesn’t mean it will. Good luck!

I would just start a fresh backup. Connect over Ethernet and it should complete overnight.

I am also looking at the 918+ to replace my incredibly slow 413j.

I would NOT migrate to the NAS for your TM backup if you already have it on an external HD. It is much less stable on a NAS than on a local HD. I had so much trouble when using my NAS (same as you by the way) I went back to an external HD for my TM. I love my DS918+ but not for TM.

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I am running my Timemachine backup on my Synology already for years - no problem at all.
However, TM backup is not a good resort to go to if you ask me, I just use it as a last solution for my backups.

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I agree with @Wolfie. I created a new TM backup on the Synology, and have my external 4T connected too. (And Backblaze, and a bootable Carbon Copy Cloner backup I keep in my backpack.)

When mounting shares other than TM, you’ll want to use SMB, as it is more reliable.

TM backups on a lock disk use the file system directly whereas the backup is stored in a sparse bundle (think disk image) on network drives.

As others have suggested, I’d recommend either starting fresh or adding the NAS as a second TM target.

I’ve kept the old backup on the external drive, and have a second Time Machine backup happening on the DS918+. Wife’s MBP now has Time Machine backup (Also have Backblaze on all machines - family plan.)

Moving media files from an external drive that I’m surprised is still going and will run Plex on the DS918+.

Done for tonight